Prescription Eyeglasses – Do’s and Don’ts


Do not wash them in hot water. These have protective coating on top which can crack in contact with hot water & peel off. It may also happen that the lenses warp and make the frame twist.

Do not use any brush or abrasive soap for cleaning. Even if you have an scratch resistant lens it should not mean that you can rub any type of abrasive material on it & nothing will happen to it. Being scratch resistant helps in situations where the lenses get accidentally scratched on some surface.

Never keep your specs in the pant pockets. You can think people know about it & need not be told, but in fact many do put them in pant pockets while moving around in the office, forget about it & sit on the specs.

Do not leave out the specs in sun. Nowadays the lenses are not made of glass but plastic. Even if it is a pair of sunglasses the sun’s heat beating down directly on it will warp the lens or frames so much that it will be difficult to see wearing them.


Wash them in cold water. Cold water which should not be warmer then temperature in the room helps in keeping protective costing on the top intact & clean. You will then be able to use them for a longer duration of time.

Wash them with lint free fabric & soap that is non abrasive. Soap helps in cleaning the grime or dirt and a link free fabric helps to dry them without creating a cover of lint on top of it. If you take these steps then you will be able to prevent scratches occurring on the surface which happens many times while cleaning the specs.

Keep your spectacles in its case which is given at the time you buy glasses, doing so you will be able to make sure that you are not sitting on them or breaking them. Most times it happens that the wearer leaves the glasses on the chair or couch & other people not being aware of it sit on them.

Always keep your prescription glasses with you at any place you go. If you get into such habit of keeping them with you all the time then you will be able to protect them from mistakes such as forgetting and leaving inside the car in hot weather or leaving out beside your bed on a day when you require to wear it in an important meeting in office. Always remember that glasses are only useful when you wear them, just keeping them at home is not enough.

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