Fashionable Eyeglasses and Sunglasses After 40

You have finally come to the realization that you need reading glasses. Luckily, you are not alone. As Baby Boomers enter middle age in droves, more retailers are responding to their needs, as well as their increased buying power. As a result, the possibilities in reading glasses are endless! Wearers are no longer relegated to sporting the wire-rimmed half glasses on the end of their nose, and carrying a separate pair of sunglasses for reading in the sun. Today, the selection of reading sunglasses rivals that of regular sunglasses. But the abundance of options can be intimidating. How do you choose a good pair of reading sunglasses?

Sunglass readers come in all shapes and sizes. They are available with full magnifying lenses, and also as bifocals. In bifocals, the top portion of the lens does not have magnifying properties, so you can see clearly into the distance. The bottom portion is the bifocal, so you can keep them on while looking straight ahead, as well as while reading close up, for example. The beauty of this type of reader is that no one has to know they are bifocal lenses. They will just think you are wearing stylish eyewear.

The “Jackie O” version of sunglasses is still in vogue today. Made famous in the 60s, these chunky, oversized shades are great for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they are also fantastic as a fashion accessory. The irony here is that they are meant to offer a degree of privacy and mystery, but they say “look at me” at the same time. You can’t go wrong with a stylish pair of larger-than-life bifocal sunglasses.

As far as colors go, virtually nothing is off limits. The eye-catching size of the frames begs for a splash of attention-getting color. For frames, white is hot this season, as are bright metallics, in addition to the ever-popular black and tortoise shell. To take it a step further, designers are adding flashier jewelry to the temples of their glasses. A bold, goldtone logo adds a touch of glamour, as does a sparkly rhinestone design. You can go as elaborate or as simple as your tastes allow.

Though bifocal sunglass wearers have a wide variety of choices, one thing they do need to be mindful of is the way the glasses fit. Frames must fit securely on the face, so that the bifocal line does not interfere with normal vision. A proper bifocal should start just a few millimeters below the lower lash line, so as to offer a comfortable, convenient reading experience.

Just because you are presbyopic is no reason to throw your fashion sense to the wind. Your choice of eyewear can be fashionable and functional at the same time. And no one has to know the difference.