Top Reasons For Eyeglasses

Prescription glasses may be necessary for individuals for a number of reasons. Eye conditions such as myopia, astigmatism and farsightedness are some of the conditions that require correction. There are few routine eye tests performed by optometrists that determine the problems faced by patients.

1. Glaucoma

Glaucoma testing is done to determine the amount of fluid collection in the eye that causes pressure on the retina. Although this is not a serious condition per say, it may cause loss of vision in the long run if it is not treated in due time.

2. Visual Acuity

Visual acuity is the ability to distinguish between shapes, numbers, figures and alphabets. There is a visual acuity test that checks one’s power to do so.

3. Peripheral Test

The ability to see at side angles is what concerns this test. Many people have trouble with their side vision.

Optometrists analyze diseases that affect the eyes and other such medical conditions. There are two other medical specialists pertaining to eyes.

There may be subtle everyday hints that you experience that will tell you if something is wrong with your power of vision. Some of them are listed below:

o Reading a book by holding it too close to your eyes is a tell tale sign of something being wrong with your vision.

o If you feel constant irritation of some sort such as itching, watering or redness of eyes then it is time for you to go for an eye check up.

o Tilting your head to see better or squinting your eyes to see things at a distance are also hints at eye problems.

o If your eyes suddenly seem bothered by sudden bursts of light or if you see stars every now and then you should go to an optometrist.

o Hereditary eye conditions or a condition of diabetes in past generations may also be the cause of eye conditions in yourself.

Once you have had a thorough eye check up and you have been diagnosed with a particular condition follow the prescription your optometrists has given you. Don’t try your own diagnosis as this will only end up worsening your condition.

When you buy a pair of spectacles, keep the following points in mind:

o Different eye conditions require different pairs of glasses. Reading glasses are different from permanent ones. Sunglasses are different from photo chromatic ones.

o If you are going to use your pair of glasses on a regular basis, buy a sturdy pair. Keep the expensive pair for special occasions

o Always opt for scratch resistant lenses as they last longer and provide clearer vision.

o If the glasses are for a child you should always buy an inexpensive pair. That way you can keep changing the lenses as the power changes frequently as well as save yourself the agony when your kid accidentally breaks them!

o Buying cheap frames are still admissible. But compromising on the quality of the lenses is not a good idea.

If you forget to wear them keep them at a place where you can see them easily. Losing glasses is common among beginners. Buy a frame suspender that you can wear around your neck when you are not wearing glasses.