Protection of Prescription Eye Glasses

To the people who have eye problems such as myopia, far sighted, they need a pair of prescription eye glasses to correct their visions. In this way, nearsighted people can see objects far away clearly, and farsighted people can see clearly up close. As the age, people are inevitable to face the problem of Presbyopia. Anyway, any of the vision problems make you trip to an optometrist to get an eye test and get a prescription.

Eyeglasses with high index material are important to people who have severe vision, which are lighter than normal material eyeglasses. With a heavy pair of glasses always cause people who wear it headache.

For those that have bad eyesight, aspheric lenses are another great option. Because aspheric lenses are more flat and thinner than normal material eyeglasses lenses. The direct benefit of this kind of lenses is that they can make your face or eyes look normal. As you know, if behind thick lenses, your face looks distorted more or less.

Usually, prescription eyeglasses are expensive so protecting coatings for them are necessary. Scratch resistant coatings, anti-reflective coatings and UV coatings are commonly come with prescription glasses today, which can protect your glasses from the damages of UV light and glare light and so on. That means you can use your glasses in a longer time.

Nowadays, the technique of photochromatic is used in prescription eyeglasses. Simply speaking, when you in a bright environment, the glasses lenses appear dark, but when you in a not so bright environment, the color of glasses will show clear. The color changes depend upon the environment.

For suiting the needs of people who both have farsighted and nearsighted, multifocal prescription eyeglasses have been used in eyeglasses. Progressive lenses, trifocal and bifocals are typical multifocal lenses, which can integrate the coming light smooth and suitable for people seeing clearly.

Nowadays, the researches about new techniques of prescription eyeglasses are advancing. Besides the examples mentioned below, there are some new advancements are going on such as smudge and scratch resistant glasses, which can make the glasses clean and hard to be scratch.