Reading Glasses and Sunreaders – Knowing the Facts to Save Your Eyes

Needing reading glasses has little to do with getting old. Many people start to need reading glasses in their thirties and often their eye health may be improved by the introduction of these glasses sufficiently to freeze the deterioration of the eyes for many years, into old age.

Reading glasses now come in fantastic colours and styles and few people cling to the old chestnut that only elderly people wear them. Now that modern men and women appreciate the importance of taking care of their eyes, these glasses are worn with panache and intelligent people whip out their reading glasses at every opportunity just to show off their latest acquisition!

This is an improvement over the days when nobody would be seen wearing those ugly little nose pinchers that granny wore to read her newspaper. Reading glasses now come in screaming orange and turquoise or zebra print, or Dalmatian spots that fold away into a matching case that hangs from a leather thong swatch. Snazzy!

What about reading in the sun? Making the effort to shield your eyes from the sun is always a good idea to avoid ghastly eye diseases that might not appear straight away but emerge later in life.

So what happens when you go on holiday and sit by a sparkling pool in the bright sunshine and want to read your book? Do you slip your sunglass on over your glasses? Actually, some people do exactly that but it is not ideal and you can end up with seriously scratched glasses. If you have spent a significant amount of money on trendy reading glasses, it’s annoying to have to replace them after your holiday because you scratched them under your sunglasses.

It is absolutely necessary to protect your eyes from the sun, however, even when reading. So why not purchase a pair of ‘sunreaders?’ Sunreaders are the latest thing to come on the market and are available in a variety of combinations. Some sunreaders are simply plain lens sunglasses without prescription at the top but with a prescription bifocal reading lens at the bottom. Ingenious! Others are prescription sunglasses with the glass prescription; they are also available as prescription sunglasses at the top and yet another prescription for reading within the bifocal area. However, consult your eye care practitioner’s advice for the best combination for you.

Sunreaders are a great way to take care of your eyes and enjoy your holiday in the sun at the same time. You can also read and ‘people watch’ from a street café!

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