Improve Eyesight Without Glasses – Is it Possible?

You are making a very wise move to investigate whether or not you can cure your eyesight without glasses because your decision about whether to wear glasses or contact lenses to improve your eyesight is hugely important. You can improve your eyesight without glasses, and in this article I’m going to tell you why.

Firstly, here’s why wearing glasses isn’t a great idea. Glasses and contact lenses are designed to help you see clearly and they do that very well, however they are NOT designed to help improve your eyesight. In fact, glasses and contact lenses will worsen your eyesight because they teach your eyes to see incorrectly and they teach them bad habits. That’s why year on year most people need to go back to the opticians to have another eye exam and more often than not get a changed prescription pair of glasses. So, in other words, wearing glasses or contact lenses is a cover up – they alleviate the symptoms of bad eyesight (ie. they help you to see better) but they don’t fix the root of the problem itself.

An experiment on animals was done quite recently. They attached myopic contact lenses to a group of animals who had normal eyesight and after one month they removed the contact lenses and tested the animals vision again. The results – all animals in the group suffered from Myopia despite having normal vision at the beginning of the experiment.

A high percentage of bad eyesight cases are caused by mental strain, eye strain and weak eye muscles. In most cases, someone who is suffering from a weakness in vision can improve his / her vision in as little as a few weeks. Even someone who has been wearing glasses for an extended period of time and older people have the power to naturally improve their vision. It is simply a case of working through a series of exercises that strengthen the eye muscles, relax the eyes and take stress away from the section of the brain that controls eyesight. The exercises take 2 – 4 minutes a day and should be done each and every day for a couple of weeks, after which you’ll experience positive results.

To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally…

Having made the wise decision that you want to look into natural means of improving your vision, you’ll need to make sure you follow a guide with a proven track record for success. There are many natural eye correction programs out there, but only some follow Bate’s research and are commended for their success rate. I always recommend Vision Without Glasses because I had tremendous results with the program and it is widely regarded as being the best natural eyesight program on the net.