Contact Lenses Or Glasses – Making That Crucial Choice

Assumptions are sometimes made that everybody wants to be able to wear contact lenses and those who opt to continue wearing glasses do so because their eyes are unsuitable for contact lenses.

In fact this is not the case. Many people prefer to continue wearing glasses because they have done so for many years and they are used to them; they dislike the prospect of having to change from contacts to spectacles on the occasions the contacts cannot be worn; or they just like wearing glasses!

Some just suit glasses and that is a fact. A person who has worn glasses for many years can look a little strange without them and no amount of argument will convince them to switch to contact lenses.

The case for wearing contacts is nearly always the convenience factor: they do not require constant cleaning throughout the day; they do not steam up in a humid environment; they do not impede the wearing of safety equipment at work such as safety goggles and helmets.

There is also the vanity element: they are so discreet that a wearer cannot be distinguished from someone with perfect sight; they can be purchase in different colours, whether to change the eye colour completely or enhance the natural colour of the iris to make blues bluer and greens greener…

Glasses, however, also have their advantages: they can be used as a fashion accessory and are available in a plethora of colours and styles; they can be slipped off easily at night and stored in a case without the need for time consuming cleaning; they are a requirement regardless of whether contacts are worn because they are needed as a back up, so contacts are really the extra expense.

Contact lenses tend to have the edge over glasses when it comes to convenience as they are simply worn within the eye so there is no need for cleaning other than before bedtime if the contacts are the type that are removed at night. Most people who wear them swear they will never return to wearing glasses. However, a small minority stay loyal to the glasses wearing fraternity and vow never to resort to contact lenses.

It seems to be very much a question of taste and lifestyle. An older person who is accustomed to wearing glasses is certainly more likely to stick with spectacles and not convert to contacts, whereas younger people wear contact lenses as soon as they are able and seldom wear glasses unless it is absolutely necessary.

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