The Myth About Pinhole Glasses

Let’s once and for all disperse the myth about pinhole glasses. You probably saw them: they are glasses made of black plastic with tiny holes all over them. They are supposed to help you see better. And they do to a certain degree. But are they really helpful?

The mechanism on which they work is purely mechanical and does not contribute to the eye relaxation or correct visual habits. All they do is eliminate some light rays that come from slanted angles. So once you remove these glasses you vision is back where it was.

Listen. Pinhole glasses are not good for you. There is terrible propaganda all over internet and in the vision improvement books about them but observe what actually happens when you put them on.

You unconsciously lock your vision in order to see better. You’ll notice that you’ll be able to see well through a couple of holes but not through the rest of them. You glance is locked as you adjust your eyes to see through these two holes. The correct visual habit is to shift and to move your eyes constantly. So in this respect they are worse than regular glasses.

Another factor is that they are dark. Eyes are designed to see. Eyes need light and sunshine. By cutting the flow of natural light you do nothing but damage to your eyes. Again, in this respect they are worse than regular glasses.

And one more thing. They don’t improve your eyesight that much. In fact the correction is insignificant. Sure, you can see well maybe through one hole but that’s it. Shifting in these glasses is really clumsy if at all possible.

That was my experience. I bought a pair long time ago and even tried to read in them. Apart from being a nuisance it accomplished nothing. I also made one pair once from the black paper. Again, no noticeable results and no real comfort in watching TV or computer screen.

Do not fall for this advertizing gimmick. Even some Bates teachers recommend them but really, they are absolutely useless and just cause damage.

I even saw a website that advertised these pinhole glasses as a miracle cure for any sight defects! It’s disgusting to see all these lies and general ignorance. Educate yourself first on any subject. Do not take anyone’s word for anything.

You’d be better off just by wearing regular glasses if you have to wear them, and constantly shift your eyes from one side of the screen to another, look around the room and through the window. That way you’ll have plenty of space to move your eyes around.

Once again: practice correct visual habits. Though it is better not to use your glasses at all if possible, shifting, near-far swing and other correct visual habits can be practiced even with your glasses on.