How To Take A Good Care Of Your Glasses?

1. Use both hands when you put on or take off your glasses – softly hold the legs of the glasses using both hands to maintain the balance. While wiping the lens, use one hand to hold the bar (not the leg), and the other one to wipe them softly. Otherwise the frame will be out of shape or the screws will be loosened after a while.

2. Don’t put the glass lens face down on the table. You should either put them face up or upright. If you keep them face down, the centers of the lens will be scratched.

3. Start from the left leg when you fold up the frame because most of the frames were designed like this. If you start from the right leg, it is harder to fold them up and can change the shape of the glasses.

4. When you wipe the glass lens, remember to use the special leans cleaning cloth or soft tissues – never use your clothes or towel. If the lens are too dirty or dusty, you’d better use the washing liquid or clean water to wash them off first, then use the lens cleaner to wipe them softly to prevent the lens being scratched.

5. Any sweat and oil on the frame or the bridge can be wiped off using dry cloth or tissues. Other dirt can be cleaned off using a little bit of soap or going through the ultrasound cleaning in the opticians.

6. Try to avoid steam, smoke, sweat and some of the cosmetics as much as possible. These things have strong acids that can damage the lens coating and frame plating at a certain level. You have to keep your glasses away from them if you want to extend their usage life.

7. Don’t store the glasses in a place that is too hot or too cold for a long time. Don’t leave your glasses under the sun or shower with the glasses on because the shape could be changed. When you are doing outdoor activities in a cold weather, be aware of the plank material frames and the glass lens, they may be cracked or broken easily.

8. Check the screws regularly to make sure that they are not loose. You need to tighten them or take your glasses to the opticians if there are any loose. Otherwise the lens can come off or the screws can get lost.