An Introduction To Computer Glasses

Today the world is of the computer and about 80% of people work on the computer on a regular basis. Staring at flat screen for hours together may cause eyestrain, headaches, dry eyes, blazing, and blurred vision, this is known as computer vision syndrome (CVS). Computer protective glasses could protect you from CVS by improving your vision with or with no prescription. Computer glasses could as well block risky ultra-violet (UV) rays and lessen glare, both of which have been associated to cataracts.

People who wear contact lenses or any other corrective glasses, one difficulty of spending huge hours at the computer is that the standard distance to a computer screen is further away than reading material, but closer than far vision. Bifocals lenses used for readings are not optimized for work at a computer and as reading material is detained in the lap, a computer screen lies dull ahead. It forces bifocal wearers to tip the head up that could generate neck pain and shoulder strain. It might as well cause one to bend in towards the screen to lessen the distance to the range the bifocals are intended to correct.

In other case if you don’t spend long hours at the computer screen to skill CVS, but desire to protect your eyes from glare and damaging radiation, high excellence non-prescription glasses with polarized lenses and UV blockage would serve as outstanding computer glasses. You could also have an optometrist make a pair that is suitable for you, or you could choose to purchase slightly-tinted, optically apt, polarized sunglasses with 100% UV blockage. High quality sunglasses are as well accessible in most sporting goods stores, usually kept in display cases.

If you would like computer glasses, which could double as sunglasses, deem to photo chromic lenses. These lenses ease indoors, and dim outdoors. Polarized sunglasses could further serve you as flexible and suitable computer sunglasses. Photo chromic lenses are too accessible in prescriptions. Computer glasses must be fault free. If you hold the glasses at arm’s span and look through the lenses, they must not waver or deform what lies beyond them. Lenses are accessible in frivolous polycarbonate plastic, or for those with huge prescriptions, in high-index plastic. See your optometrist for a computer test to determine the best prescription, and get rid of your eye fatigue.