Better Eyesight Without Glasses – Why I Will Never Put My Glasses On Again

This evening my sister asked me to give her a lift somewhere. I reluctantly said I would, but this meant putting on my glasses of which I haven’t for over 4 weeks now. I decided to quickly try them before I set out and they were too strong. Even looking through them for a second made me feel sick and dizzy. It was horrible and I wasn’t sure how I would manage to keep them on for half an hour. I started to look for old pairs, but I only found a scratched pair, so had no choice but to use my, now, too strong pair. On top of having to deal with my glasses again, I had to drive in the dark. Not exactly the best combination, but I had to (well I didn’t have to but my problem is I can never say no or I dislike immensely letting people down).

The journey was awful. My eyes kept going in and out of focus. I felt sick, dizzy and could not concentrate on the task at hand; which made me drive a little bit dangerously at times. It was horrible. Trying to fight against the strength of the glasses at the same time as trying to continue my good vision habits of blinking, shifting and centralizing was almost impossible. I did persevere but it was extremely hard, not to mention trying to concentrate on where I was going. I was relieved to get the darn things off my face.

I did notice though that my eyes quickly adjusted back to how they had been for the past 4 weeks (although they are still a little sore from the strain). To me this is a sign that I have been exceeding in good eye practice and that I have made the right choice.

That experience has reinforced my notion never to wear glasses ever again. If that means I can’t drive a car again – so be it. It was awful and I guess having had my glasses off for so long showed me how bad it really is. I now know that I will definitely get my vision back and that I shall be free of this horrible burden to my eyes forever.

So to anyone skeptical of this natural vision improvement malark, I challenge you to take your glasses off for a few weeks, and then put them back on. If you think the only solution is to put up with that strain and stress on your eyes, then you are nuts! You don’t need perfect vision – you can manage in life without it (of course until you improve enough to meet standards ;)).

I don’t care that my vision isn’t exactly clear right now, but when I put those glasses back on, I realized how very wrong I was seeing through them. Even though my vision is blurred, I know I am seeing properly – more so than through glasses and thus lies my determination in staying this way.

If you are reading this and debating what to do about yours eyes – please take a few weeks off from your glasses. It isn’t hard to adapt to and you will feel a lot better for doing so. It will be the first step to a beautiful journey in recovering your eyes.