How to Buy Reading Glasses for the First Time

Buying reading glasses for the first time can be daunting, especially if you have gone your entire life without needing any corrective eye wear. The truth is, having difficulties being able to see up-close objects, known as presbyopia, is a part of the aging process that can get in the way of everyday tasks – like reading a menu at a restaurant or sewing. This article will arm you with the knowledge you need to determine if you need reading glasses, as well as give instructions on how to purchase your first pair.

How to Tell if You Need Readers

*The first sign of presbyopia is often the need to hold reading material farther away than the standard 10 to 12 inches from your face. If you must hold a book at an arm’s length away to focus on the words, it is time for reading glasses. If you do not read often, it could be that you have difficulty seeing when drawing, playing board games, or sewing – or even seeing the food on your plate.
*Besides difficulty seeing, tired eyes or headaches after focusing on an up-close activity are more signs that you need corrective eyewear.
*If you experience these symptoms, confirm that you need corrective eyewear by visiting the optometrist. They will administer tests to determine your prescription.

How to Buy Reading Glasses

Once you determine you need readers, you have several options for buying them. Your options include purchasing over the counter from the store, or purchasing custom-made glasses from the optometrist. Your lifestyle and budget will determine the right choice for you, but use the following tips to assist in your decision.

Purchasing readers over the counter

You can buy reading glasses from pharmacies, department stores, discount stores, or even online. This is the easiest and most inexpensive way to purchase them. The downfall of OTC glasses is that picking out the right prescription could become a guessing game. You will have to try on different pairs until you find the best lens power for your vision.

Purchasing reading glasses from your eye doctor

This option will cost you more money, as you will have to pay for your appointment and custom-made glasses will cost significantly more than OTC. However, the positive is that you will be sure you are wearing the correct prescription. If your eyes require two different lens powers, your custom glasses will cater to this – a feature not available OTC. Furthermore, you will be able to purchase half lenses. These have two different prescriptions within one lens – usually the top half of the lens is for distance vision, and the bottom half for up-close vision.