The Right Designer Glasses For You

The one thing any good optician or online glasses frames store will offer you nowadays is choice. Not only are there individual types of frame dependent upon your gender, the frames themselves can be made of a vast array of different materials, there are a huge amount of well-known labels shouting at us, and a host of different shapes and colours. That’s before you begin thinking about the lenses (whether they will be coloured or tinted) or varifocals, bifocals or sports.

Sometimes it feels as if it would be easier if you did not have that choice at all. But using set logic that applies to all eyewear you can really enhance the way you look; choose glasses frames which are suitable for a certain activity or sport; and make your glasses a fashion accessory rather than a statement that your eyes are not too good!

At the end of the day when we meet someone we are always drawn to the eyes. They are the “window of the soul” as they say.

Many people when choosing eyewear forget to take the not only the whole of the face but the whole of the body into account. Even though when talking we fix on each others eyes our focus radiates out from there so it is imperative you take into account your hair colour and the colour of your eyes.

So it is important to think in terms of contrast colours. In this way, those having blue retina should go for red designer glasses frames to enhance the overall look of their eyes. It is advised that people with green eyes should choose mauve, orchid, violet, soft purple, violet, jade green, racing green and emerald green colors. Colors from the mauve or golden families can strengthen emerald eyes, and the bright golden goes the top amongst all the colors. Though emerald frames can sometimes emphasize green eyes, they are not as effectual as purple.
On the other hand soft red, cherry red, fuchsia, magenta, reddish-purple, coral, apricot, rust brown and Chinese red colors are suggested for blue eyes. Though blue frames can also strengthen the eye colors at several extents, they cannot struggle with the red and carroty ones.

Most of all when choosing your glasses frames you should choose ones that reflect your style and personality. If you are not the studious kind of person then light rimless glasses are probably not for you. If you tend to be shy and retiring then you do not particularly want to be going for large glasses with bold colours.

Also think about the shape of your face – again contrast works best. If you have a long face, rounded curvy glasses are often a good buy.

As well as being able to choose from retail stores with the help of mirrors and snap photography you can now choose your glasses in the privacy of your own home by visiting an on online eyewear store. The beauty of these stores is you can you may well have a much wider choice and and you can make your choice in your own time. The latest applications allow you to view yourself through an online mirror wearing numerous designer glasses frames.