Soft Or Hard Contact Lenses

Do you remember when contacts first came out? They used to be hard, thick material that was almost as uncomfortable as wearing glasses. Well we still have hard contact lenses. There are several reasons you might elect to wear a hard contact especially since they are more comfortable than the original ones. Most individuals elect to wear soft contact lenses because they are more comfortable than hard contacts. Lets look at the differences so you can understand about hard contact lenses.

First you will find a more rewarding contact lens when you choose hard contact lenses. You eye will conform to the contact better and will keep your eye muscles from deteriorating. Most who wear soft contacts experience a slowing down in their prescription changes because the eye conforms to the contact lens, but soft contacts still move around in your eye rather than staying in place.

The material of the hard contact lens is a higher quality. You will not be able to tear these lenses because they are typically made of a glass material rather than plastic. Also these contact are more rigid. Thus you can’t lose one in your eye or have it fall out. Have you ever accidentally rubbed your eye with your contact in and had it fold up on you? You probably had tears streaming your face as well as pain in your eye. With hard contact lenses you will never have to experience this. Another great thing about hard contact lenses is the ability to let moisture remain in your eye. Often soft contact lenses reduce the moisture your eye produces because you are constantly blinking to keep the contact in place. Hard contacts are better for those working outdoors with wind and heat because your eye will stay moisturized.

Hard contact lenses are also prescribed for those who have Presbyopia and other eye problems because they help keep the muscle strength you have left. Often those who need bifocal contact lenses will elect the hard contact lenses because they will sit in the eye better and help clear up their site without having to give up contact lenses for glasses.

Hard contacts require a long adjustment period especially if you have never worn contacts before. They can seem thick and gritty causing your eyes to feel a little tired. It may even feel like your allergies are acting up. This will go away after a few days of wearing the hard contact lenses. Remember if the hard contact lenses are too uncomfortable you can always go back to soft contact lenses or glasses. You other option is eye surgery.