What You Need To Know About Colour Contact Lenses

Contacts lenses are evolving with technology we know have contact lenses that allow more air to reach our eye so we are not restrictive the oxygen to our eyes and causing blood clots. We also have special contact lenses for those who need bifocal vision and corrective lenses for those who need astigmatism correction. The best technology surrounding contact lenses are the colour contact lenses. We can now have multi coloured eyes, or something as simple as violet eyes.

Colour contact lenses are properly called Plano lenses. We have seen an increase in demand for colour contact lenses through magazines, Hollywood, and other suggestive avenues. This interest for those who do not need corrective lenses or those who do have increased the colours available to the common individual and helped reduced the price as the production increased.

Are you interested in getting this optical enchantment? If you are, you need to know about a few guidelines regarding the wear of these special contact lenses.

There are hazards with wearing any type of contact. First you will always want to wash your hands before getting anywhere near your eye with a contact lens. You hands can have natural bacteria that are harmful to your eye or you could have some lotion or other agent that will irritate your eye. You also want to wash your face before inserting the contacts. Most often you are just waking up in the morning and have eye build up that can get on the lens and make your eyes feel gritty all day. Allergies are another problem you may experience. If you had allergies before, but wore glasses you may not have realized how badly your eye was affected. When you put in a contact with a flair up of allergies you probably experience pain and watering. This can be eliminated with allergy drops prior to putting your contact lenses. Follow the directions on the bottle before using these eye drops. Colour contact lenses need to be treated the same as an other contact as far as proper care.

You also need to have prescription for colour contact lenses because you can risk blindness without a professional consultation telling you of the risks like not having enough oxygen flow to your eye. There has been concern about colour contact lenses in several recent studies that individuals just wanting to change their eye colour without needing corrective lenses do not know how to properly take care of their eyes and are damaging their eyes when wearing these lenses for extended periods of time. Therefore it is very important to speak with an eye care professional.

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