Steps For Buying Safety Glasses Online

Step 1. Have a current glasses prescription (a prescription less than 2 year old), preferably with your PD (pupil distance) noted. If PD isn’t noted you can rely on the default value or measure it your self using a ruler with millimetres and a friend. Have your friend stand in front of you facing you and measure from the outer edge of one pupil (the black circle in the eye) to the inner edge of the pupil in the other eye. Taking care for the person measuring to close one of their eyes to guard against parallax error. For monocular values please measure from the centre of the pupil to the middle of the bridge of your nose.

Step 2. Find a reputable glasses site selling safety glasses. Preferably with recognised brands like Uvex, Titmus & Snake Wear.

Step 3. Confirm that the safety glasses come certified to meet your individual eye safety requirements.

Step 4. Find a safety frame online that matches the dimensions of your current glasses either exactly or very closely. If possible organise to try the frames before going ahead with the order.

Paying particular attention to the measurements for lens diameter, depth, nose bridge and frame width.

Step 5. Select the frame of interest and order your new safety glasses. Taking care to input all of the information on your prescription correctly. You can even email a scanned copy of your prescription to the online company for piece of mind.

Step 6. Wait patiently for your new safety glasses to arrive.

Enjoy knowing that your eyes are protected.