The Introduction to Reading Glasses

As we get older, our arms get shorter, it seems! Reading the packets in supermarkets and trying to figure out the price on a dress label when shopping becomes more and more difficult until in the end we have to put vanity aside and admit we need spectacles, but probably only for reading or performing detailed tasks like sewing or doing a jigsaw puzzle.

Many people consider this requirement for reading glasses takes them one step closer to the grave and put off buying reading glasses until their ability to enjoy a good book or read the newspaper is totally compromised. One or two jokers even resort to reading with their husbands’ or wives’ reading glasses, with the silly excuse, ‘Well my eyes are only bad when I am reading the newspaper so they can’t be bad enough to justify buying my own glasses’. Hello? Are you blind? (Well, you’re getting there, but in the meantime you can make your life a lot more comfortable by investing in a good quality pair of prescription reading glasses.

Such people invariably trot down to the local pharmacist or even the local penny bazaar and pick up a pair of 1.50 reading glasses – the type that come in a gaudy case that probably cost more than the glasses. The fact is: a good quality pair of reading glasses may slightly improve your sight, so the deterioration in vision occurs as slowly as possible, but the cheap and tawdry versions on sale in proprietary stores simply will not do the job.

As for vanity – the styles and variety of shapes and lens sizes on offer more than compensate for having to admit you need spectacles. There are some wild and wacky frames on offer now to appeal to even the most eccentric tastes and you can be as reserved or as crazy as you wish within the limits of your prescription! Reading glasses are surprisingly inexpensive and may be accessorised to match just about every outfit. There is no need to limit your purchase to just one pair. If you like making a statement, the frames on your face can help you do that and take care of your eye health at the same time.

Once you have your reading glasses, take care of them, and always store them in their case, lens side up, never on a hard surface lens side down which will cause scratching and specking. When cleaning, use a recommended spray cleaner, never a cheap aerosol cleaner that might cause damage to the lenses. Have your eyes checked regularly; a minimum of every two years.

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