Eye Glasses As More Than a Vision Aid

Eye Glasses were invented out of necessity, but have transcended their purpose and have become a popular fashion accessory. It is almost difficult to imagine a time when glasses were aggressively avoided. For many years, they were considered a disfigurement and were especially the case for females. Even after the onset of popularity for sunglasses brought on by the influx of movie stars choosing the accessory, prescription eye wear remained an outcast for most of society. Whether it was due to the aesthetic affect or because people were timid about having their disability so visible, glasses were shunned.

Although already a lucrative venture, the manufacturers of eye glasses were determined to change the appeal of eye glasses to the general public. In an effort to do so, they set out to change the industry. They struck success with the monoclein 1800. First seen in England this innovation quickly became popular with the elite. That popularity spread to the rest of Europe and even to Russia. Another attempt was successful with the invention of the lorgnette, which was essentially lenses on a handle and was held up to the face when needed instead of being worn on the face. Although a functional item, the lorgnette was marketed as an accessory and a stylish one at that. This held specific appeal to women who had long suffered the ridicule of wearing spectacles.

Gradually, the trend has turned and now they are considered one of the most desired fashion accessories available. High quality metals and plastics have drastically increased the design possibilities. With top brands and fashion designers participating in the industry, eye glasses have certainly lost the stigma that was once attached to them. Today, it is very common for an individual to have multiple pairs of glasses, making it possible to coordinate with anything in their wardrobe. The eye wear one chooses makes as significant a statement about their individuality as their hairstyle or clothing.

Finding the right look is essential to make eye glasses not only a practical item, but a fashion statement as well. Eye wear is certainly not a one style fits all accessories. Many factors must be taken into account when making the decision on eye wear. As with any choice of fashion, eye wear should compliment your skin tone, face shape, hairstyle and personality. Even though the trendiest selections are going to be available from designer lines, they don’t have to strain the pocketbook. Along with any other industry, the eye glasses are now readily available at discounted prices particularly through online shopping.