Top 3 Tips on How to Choose Glasses and Lens For Sports

A lot of sportsmen hate glasses as they are an encumbrance to their active lifestyles. All that jumping and running is not what ordinary glasses are made for. If you hate contact lenses for sports, you are not alone. When choosing lenses for sports, you have to bear in mind your active lifestyle. Choose something fragile, and it is going to burn a hole in your pocket to replace it.

The first thing you have to take note is the material of the glasses. There’s the plastic type, and the glass type. I recommend that you go for the polycarbonate type. It is of newer technology, and is more shatter proof especially if it gets knocked off your face by a fast moving volleyball or tennis ball. You can most likely reuse it, as it is usually scratch proof as well.

Go for the titanium frames, which is my second tip for you. You get top quality rackets for your tennis and sticks for your golf, so get good durable ones for your glasses’ frames as well. My third tip is that if you anticipate lots of jumping and running, get a strap that holds your glasses to your face well. It has to be tight enough to prevent it flying off your face when you dive for the ball.

The best advice is still to get rid of your glasses, and seek to regain your natural perfect eye sight. I have thrown away my glasses several years back, and was thankful that I am saved from a lifetime of eye wear inconveniences and costs.

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