Bi-Functional Bifocal Safety Glasses

In the modern manufacturing industry, there are many jobs and tasks that require the workers to wear safety eyeglasses or protective goggles. Some of these jobs involve the operation of heavy equipment or materials that are hazardous to the eyes. The eye is absolutely one of the most precious organs for nearly every individual. Performing any of those dangerous tasks, it is necessary to protect the eyes from being hurt or injured.

In addition, there are actually some active sports such as football and basketball. These games always involve much body interaction including the eyes. Protective eyewear is also needed during these sports. Each year, there are thousands of individuals who get hurt in the eye or eyes. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, sports and recreational activities cause more than 40,000 eye injuries each year in the US alone. However, 90% of these injury cases can be prevented by wearing protective eyeglasses. With the technological advancement in both lenses and frames, nowadays there is even a special type of protective spectacles, say, bifocal safety glasses.

Bifocal safety glasses are exactly a later comer in the eyewear industry. But to some extent, these particular eyeglasses were invented quite naturally. Most things on the Earth are more or less rooted since its creation. Bifocal safety glasses can also be called bifocal reading glasses or bifocal protective goggles and so on. Whichever name being called, its multi-functional property can be reflected. First of all, bifocal safety glasses come similar in external appearance to regular protective eyeglasses. They have wrap-around, large lenses which are aimed to cover the whole part of the eyes. In this way, external dangerous objects can be blocked from all angles. A slight difference is that the frame of bifocal safety glasses usually does not extend all the way around the lenses.

Bifocal safety glasses differ from regular safety glasses mainly in lens power. The vast majority of regular protective eyeglasses are equipped with non-prescription or plain lenses, which are strong enough to block any impact. However, workers participating in those dangerous jobs may still need vision correction. In particular, presbyopic workers involving dangerous yet close up tasks further need bifocal reading glasses for easy switches between near and distance vision. In this case, the perfect solution is bifocal safety glasses. This is actually a combinational type of eyewear. They can offer both proper eye protection and vision correction.