What Would Vision Without Glasses Be Like?

There is always this stigma attached to glasses. It is hard to ever be able to get over it. From a young age people took advantage of their eye sight and that is why they have to wear glasses today. Sometimes people feel embarrassed about their glasses so they take them off. They sacrifice perfect vision for-vision without glasses.

Not wearing glasses could be a bad thing. This is because your risking your health! If you don’t wear your glass then you do not have the best vision possible, which could put you into precarious situations. At the same time, you would never be at your best because you will always have to be conscious of your lack of vision. This will make you even more insecure.

Not wearing glasses can also be a good thing. If you train yourself to look at far off distances, it could potentially increase you eyesight. This is, however, a huge risk to take because you could also put yourself in danger. Glasses are dependence, but they do not cure vision issues. This is something you should be aware of at all times.

Being aware of that is what partly makes people want to find a cure. Most people feel like they are not a full person because they lack something that a lot of people are born with. Even though that may be the case, everyone has flaws and everyone accepts them. Your flaw just is on the outside where everyone can see it.

This will also make you more relatable because people will see you as real, rather than this perfect person. Glasses will make you approachable also because people will feel closer to you knowing that you have a flaw. The best part of it is, your flaw is not even that big of a deal! What you do with it is.