How to Pick Glasses Frames to Go With Skin Tone

When selecting a pair of glasses, most people know to choose a pair that matches their face shape. Face shape is only the first thing to consider, though. After you’ve determined your face shape and the style that best suits you, it’s time to consider another important factor in selecting a frame: skin tone. If you think that’s being too picky, you’re underestimating the power of color. Everyone knows to match clothes because clothes compliment body shape and flow together in colors that make sense. Glasses are worn on your face and because of this, matching them to your skin tone is essential for anyone who is serious about fashion.

Undertones: Are you Warm or Cool?

First you will need to figure out whether you’re warm or cool. This doesn’t mean you have to soul search and decide whether you’re friendly or aloof. It means that you’re one of two things: warm or cool.

Look at your face. Pink and blue tones mean you’re in the cool population. If you have peach or yellow tones, you’re in the warm population.

Once you know your skin tone, you’re in business. It’s time to research the frame color that will make you look your best. It’s impossible to list all glasses that go best with your skin tone, but here are a few suggestions.

For warm tones, remember the three C’s: camel, coral, and copper. Start with those colors and see if they will work. You can only pick one, though. Sorry.

If you’re cool, you have options too. Black, plum, and pink are colors to experiment with. There are many other websites on the internet that will teach you more skin colors that match your skin tone. Keep researching.

The Third Skin Tone: Aging

As skin ages, it changes. We change (unfortunately). If you have aging skin, you’re in a new category and you have to consider this in addition to whether you are warm or cool. This is a good thing. You can make de-emphasize the aging skin by brightening your face with livelier eyeglass colors. Purple and red colors will brighten the color of your face and fight off the aging.

Things to Remember

Everyone you’ll ever meet sees your face. If you wear glasses, choosing the right color is just as important as choosing the right shape. It guarantees you that people will always see you at your best. To review the skin tone rules, here they are once again. Determine your skin tone, research eyeglass colors that compliment your skin tone, and if you have aging skin, always choose bright colors to make you appear just as young as you feel.

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