Prescription Glasses According to Your Lifestyle and Personality

It is an accepted fact that people recognize you by your face. That is why, the prescription glasses you choose to wear becomes a part of your identity as well. Whether you want to appear youthful, fun – loving, sophisticated, conservative or anything else, the proper eyeglass frame will help you to achieve it. Just like one pair of shoes is not enough for different occasions, similarly it’s better to have more than one pair of prescription glasses. To narrow down your choices, consider what eyewear experts suggest in terms of styling, colour, material and size for various lifestyles.

For serious business men, it’s best to stay with conservative frame shapes and colours, to help build trust and confidence among a wide variety of your business clients and colleagues. One must wear classic shapes such as ovals, rectangles and almonds, in traditional colours like gold, silver, brown, gunmetal and black (avoid bright colours or unusual shapes).

To show your creative side, use modern shapes, such as geometric designs in thicker and larger plastic frames. You can also experiment with unusual colours such as blue, green and purple.

College-goers get a lot more freedom in terms of prescription glasses styling, including eye – catching colours and shapes. With the increase of online shops for prescription glasses, the choices to try bright colours, interesting shapes and designs have increased too.

A busy mom or dad has little time to worry about the latest trends in eyewear. Ovals, upswept rectangles and soft cat – eye shapes are very functional and the perfect choices. Interesting colours also add a touch of fashion.

For the best comfort, performance and safety during weekend hours choose at least one pair of sport sunglasses or sport prescription glasses. Generally, sports eyewears have polarized lens (which reduces the glare) or polycarbonate lenses (which are shatter resistant).