The Not-So-Woeful Story of Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses can be next to your best bud when you are suffering from poor vision. It is through this medium that you can see things- clearly. Come to think of it, would you be that confident to see your school professor, your boss, or the most important person in your life across the street without having a vivid vision of their facial expressions? Maybe you are a bit confused if it’s really them.( In cases of nearsighted people). But you are sure of their gestures and the way they communicate, however you simply can’t make out what they really want to convey.

Sounds familiar? That is just a few of the scenarios why eye aides are important. There are eyeglasses but why is it that more people are turning to contact lenses? Don’t they cater to the same need? Perhaps because contact lenses can give anyone a younger look or because it’s” IN” today. That may be true. Some would even go for vanity. Maybe one would really look more pleasant or appealing to others because they don’t have those nerdy eyeglasses on. But the real score behind contact lenses over eyeglasses is that the user’s field of vision would be wider -not limited to the glasses’ size.

You can see things better without moving your head but just your eyes to any direction. Another thing is that it helps the eyes see things in a more natural way because it is placed exactly over the cornea. But what help do those poor eyeglasses have? Or do they have any advantages? In fact those who wear contact lenses also have glasses handy especially when they don’t have the luxury of time to prepare it. Contacts need to be disinfected otherwise they might cause irritation or even cause serious eye problems. And if you are the conventional type you would not even dare wearing contacts if you know the consequences of improper use.

Another plus for the using glasses is that they don’t need much maintenance. You need not keep them moist all the time. But why are contact lenses still preferred? Or why would others go for eye surgery as the ultimate solution for their depreciating eyes? The choice generally depends on the users because they are those weighing the options , including the amount of money to spend. Eye treatments vary depending on the solution and the stages of eye damage. But whatever their reasons, it all goes to the root cause of need. The need to see properly. Vision is obviously very important.

Those who don’t have it might be willing to give anything to have it or regain it. Whether eyesight is still good or bad, one simply has to see. Even if eyeglasses are not that popular, they are still an alternative for aiding the eyes. After all, contact lenses don’t have the possibility of being worn as shades for cool and not-so-cool outfits. Eyeglasses are far from being history. In fact it is constantly innovated to adapt to modern times. There are those developed with added features such as protection from excess light and rays coming from the environment or the computer to prevent eye strain.

They are not that bad- they’ve got some brownie points, too.