These Ain’t Your Mama’s Plastic Eyeglasses!

Whether you call it plastic, acetate, or celluloid, the manufactured materials your eyeglasses are made from are vitally important in ways you may not have imagined. In terms of form, color, malleability, scratch-resistance, luster, weight, and durability, your eyeglass material matters!

In the optical industry it’s called zyl (or zylonite). Zyl is more than just a fancy marketing euphemism for plastic, it’s an advanced composite material developed over years of intense laboratory research and tons of trial and error.

Zyl is a highly versatile material. The composite material can be formed into a sheet and the design can be stamped, or the material can be molded into granular form, melted into a liquid, and injected into a mold for the desired design. The sheet cut method will yield a stronger form than the injection method, thus the process is slightly more expensive.

Zylonite, or celluloid acetate, is made up of wood flakes, cottonseed fibers, stabilizers and plasticizers. This is the most common type of eyewear material because of its ability to hold a vast array of patterns, colors, and forms. The material holds its shape exceptionally well while lightweight and durable enough for every day wear. The zyl material also provides enough flexibility to allow your optician to custom fit your eyeglasses to the unique contours of your face!

What does this mean for you? It means you now have more options than ever before. It means your choice of shape, color, and texture is no longer limited to a narrow selection. It means you can purchase your zyl frames with the confidence that you are not only getting the style that suits you the best, but also that you’re receiving a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses that you can enjoy with regular use for many years to come!

In short, if you’ve got zyl – you’ve got style!

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