Why Do You Need Eyeglasses?

It is very important to wear the eyeglasses that are right for you. Eyeglass frames are generally made of a lot of materials, so keep in mind what kind of material which you want. Undoubtedly, they have been a great invention. But for them, a lot of people who have made significant contributions in various fields would not have even been able to participate in those. If you just reflect on how many people need to correct their vision and what kind of life they would be leading had eyeglasses not been made available throws light on how important to the human race the invention of them truly is.

We might have a general idea about a time frame when eyeglasses might have been invented since there are a lot of references available to lenses that helped in writing vision, dated long back between 1265 and 1290, but it is not known that which particular person was actually behind the invention of glasses. Going by the descriptions in some of the paintings, it can be concluded that the glasses that were originally invented were very different from the ones that we have today. The original ones just had a perch on the nose with no other support. This quality made those were very uncomfortable to wear and they would easily de-position if the wearer was involved I any physical movement. It was about four centuries later that the evolution of frames happened. We call them eye wear today which need support of the ears of the one who wears them. So they are not only comfortable to wear, but also very stable in their place. The initial pair of these had metal frames and the opticians during those times had no knowledge about making flawless glass lenses so the lenses of those glasses were made of quartz.

With the passage of centuries, eyeglasses evolved, making them more comfortable and also ones having more functions. Glass became indispensable for lenses because of the emergence of production techniques which would eliminate the existence of bubbles and other imperfections. Glasses were produced for the correction of many vision problems, like:

• Normal magnification of text for reading
• Correction of near-sightedness
• Correction of far-sightedness

While you choose your own kind, consider the kind of lenses as well. Most people today choose the index lenses since they are very thin and light, and also, they provide for better viewing than the normal lenses. If your prescription is on the higher side, and you do not desire thick lenses, then the index lenses would do very well for you.

Previously, people didn’t quite like the idea of wearing glasses since they thought it makes them buck the trend. But today, with the different varieties of glasses available, people no more consider wearing glasses as looking like a nerd, as they previously thought. Many celebrities could be seen sporting glasses even as they have no eyesight problem to talk of. So eyeglasses today are not just worn for vision correction, but even for looking cool.