The Popularity of Progressive Prescription Eyeglasses

The number of presbyopic patients in the world is very huge. This eye problem happens to the overwhelming majority of individuals age 40 and above. The reason is that presbyopia is not a refractive visual error, but is caused by the eyes’ natural aging. Knowing this, most people can understand that presbyopia is unavoidable in some degrees. Creative human beings can always find solutions to any problems bothering their lives. Dealing with presbyopia, the earliest form of corrective eyeglasses is reading glasses which are single vision. Regular reading glasses with a prescription can enable presbyopic patients to perform normal visual tasks. This visual aid is particular needed for people who spend a long time on close up work every day.

The second type of visual aid for presbyopic patients is bifocal reading glasses. These are especially for people who still have nearsightedness or farsightedness. The upper section of the lens will be incorporated with another power. In this way, both of the two visual problems can be solved. For a special group who does not need vision correction at the distance, there are even no prescription bifocal reading glasses. However, there is another fact in the field of presbyopia correction. Nowadays, very few people still have several pairs of glasses, one for each task or distance, with different lenses for reading, computer use and television watching. The vast majority of presbyopic patients have already switched to different forms of multifocal reading glasses. An important point is that progressive eyeglass prescription is the most popular among all types.

Progressive prescription eyeglasses use progressive lenses that are significantly superior to bifocals and trifocals. They bring smooth visual transition from a distance to another. No visible segment lines will be present, making wearers to be natural in the eyes. Nowadays, there are even progressive sunglasses provided by Ray Ban, Bolle, Serengeti and Vogue and so on. Progressive eyeglass prescription has become the most popular solution taken by the presbyopic group. These glasses gain the widest market acceptance due to incomparable advantages.