Buying Eyeglasses From The Convenience Of Your Home

I prefer convenience and a good bargain over anything especially in the current economy. We all know how expensive a pair of eyeglasses can get when buying from retail store. The sales representative is constantly on your head telling you which frame suits you best. Off course it does but when you look at the price tag its way over your budget. Then you started feeling uncomfortable and 80 percent of the time end up spending the amount you never thought you would. Admit it or not we all have experienced it and regret our decisions later.

So finally I decided enough is enough and I will buy my next pair online. I started searching and believe it or not there were some great websites offering eyeglasses online. I clicked on a few and wanted to see the price difference and I could not believe what I was seeing. I searched for the same type of eyeglasses I bought a year back from the retail store and guess what the online price was even less than one third of what I had paid to the retail store. I felt ripped off honestly at that time.

“How do you know what shape will suit you if you buy online” I have heard that from a lot of people. Well to answer them I have been wearing glasses since high school and if I still don’t know what will look good on my face I’ll never know. We buy shoes, cloths almost everything now online to save bucks so why not eyeglasses. I get my prescription from my doctor he gives me my PD number as well. And still if I spend so much money on buying glasses from the retail store I am nothing but a traditional head who cannot use internet for my convenience.

I kept all these discouraging thoughts aside and ordered my next pair online. After about 2 weeks wait they arrived. They were prefect. I loved them and cannot get over the fact that I saved huge and was able to order and receive them from the comfort of my home. Nothing can beat that.

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