3 Ultra Effective Exercises to Improve Your Vision Naturally! You’ll No Longer Need Glasses

If you want to get rid of your glasses and improve your vision naturally, you are in the right place. It’s possible to improve your vision naturally. Our vision has deteriorated due to poor vision habits, body language and diets. It can improve if we follow a holistic approach towards vision improvement. No matter how worse your condition is, you can restore your eyesight. Here are a few effective exercises you can follow to improve your vision…

Palming – It is a really effective exercise. Cover your closed eyes with your hands in such a way that no light enters the eye. You must put no pressure on your eyeballs. Make sure that no light enters the eye.

Holding this position can be frustrating. You can put on some music and do this exercise for a few minutes. The exercise is really relaxing and rejuvenating. Try to hold this position for around four minutes at least. Do it once in the morning, once in the noon and once at night.

Sunning – You need a light source for this exercise. The best light source is the sun but if you find it too bright, you can use a lamp. A lamp is controllable. During sunning, your eyes remains closed completely. Close your eyes and direct the light at your face. You will feel the pleasant warmth all over your face when you do it. Do this exercise twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Ten-Ten Exercise – This exercise is supposed to be done when you are working with close objects like a book, TV or computer. Choose a point which is at least ten meters away from you. Ten Minutes once stare at the point for around twenty to thirty seconds. This exercise is really useful for improving your focus.