Eyeglasses and Cleaning Tips

About eyeglass, most people are familiar with it and a lot of people wear them. But I am afraid not many people can say they know much about eyeglasses. Not understanding eye glasses or improper cleaning may cause serious eye problem; and then eye glasses can not help us in our eye problem, but may harm or destroy our eyes. So in order to protect our eyes and improve our eyesight, we should get some knowledge about eyeglasses. The following are some information about eyeglasses and how to clean eyeglasses properly, which is expected to give people some help.

Perhaps we may not know there are many types of glasses available according to our eyes’ needs, for example, reading, computer, shooting, tennis, golf, skiing, and water sports and so on. So we can see there are many different types of glasses available not only to help us see clearly but also protecting our eyes from outside harm when taking sports.

Many people may be puzzled if we find the eyeglass is too tight behind our ears or on our nose, which is uncomfortable to wear. Shall we repair it at home using our own tool? Definitely not! Instead, we should go to the glasses store or ask your eye doctor to adjust it, the professional man and tool there will help to adjust it, or else, we may break it or make it more uncomfortable.

For people who need to work on computers all day are sometimes bothered by the eye problem. Sometimes they feel vision blurred, eye tired and strained, and even headache after a long-time working without computer glass. That is because the computer is put too close to our eyes, and the glare from computers make our eyes easy to feel strained. The way to solve this problem is to wear a pair of appropriate computer glasses, and it will be better to have an anti-reflective coating on the lenses to reduce glares from the computer.

As for how to clean lenses properly, many people may like to know. For some people who have worn eyewear for many years, they still don’t have a clear idea of cleaning. The following will give you some suggestions: It is recommended to clean the lens by soft hand soap under running water. Then use the cloth with high thread to dry. Usually this kind of cloth is better to get at your eye doctor’s and glass stores.