Find Eyeglass Frames That Go With Your Hair Color and Face Shape

After consulting with an employee at an optometrist’s office and someone who I think has great fashion sense, I have put together some suggestions for what eyeglass frames go well with what hair color, eyebrow color, and eye color. Face shape and eyeglass frames are covered as well.

If you have dark hair, such as black or brown, you should go with dark eyeglass frames. Those with light colored hair, such as blond or light brown, should consider picking light colored frames. I was told light blue and orangish-yellow frames look better on blonds. They look good with cool colored frames. Dark red and hunter green frames go well with raven hair and dark brown hair.

This color concept for hair and eyeglass frames is the same for eyebrow color and eye color. Light colored frames go well with light eyes and light colored eyebrows. Dark frames go well with those with brown eyes and dark eyebrows. However, some people like contrast. A woman who has crystal blue eyes might want to show them off with a darker shade of frames. I know a woman who has black hair and brown eyes who loves her blue frames. When it comes down to it you should pick the color of eyeglass frames you like best. If in doubt get a second opinion from a friend.

As far as face shape and eyeglass frames here’s the low down. Round and square shaped faces should consider narrow frames. Heart shaped faces look good with rectangular frames. Oval shaped faces (round but tall) can wear many different frames. Those with irregular features, such as a sharp jaw, look better in rectangular frames to balance out their face. Don’t take offence, but I was told people with large noses shouldn’t wear small frames because small frames will draw attention to their nose. They should wear larger frames.

Those with small delicate faces look better in smaller frames. They should stay away from large owl eyeglass frames because it will eclipse their face. However, I knew a petite, tiny faced teen who absolutely loved her big bug eyed sunglasses. So bottom line, get a pair of frames that suits you and your personality.