Eyeglass Cases Are Not Just For Storing Eyewear

Ask anyone on the street about eyeglass cases and the first thing they will think about are the rather ordinary looking pouches that their eyeglass retailer gives them when they purchase a new pair. What they don’t realize is that nowadays, eye glass cases are not just used for the functionality of protecting your lens’s when not in use, but they can also be used as way to express yourself stylistically much in the way a woman would use a pocket book for. As a matter of fact, many of todays cases resemble mini-pocketbooks. Since there is really little information concerning the different types of cases available to the consumer, I hope to shed some light about the main styles in use.

An eyeglass case can come in many styles and materials. The first style is what’s called an eyeglass pouch. Because these are the least expensive, they are usually the ones that our providers gives us with our brand new glasses. They offer adequate scratch protection but because they are made of either fabric, vinyl or leather, they offer little protection when it comes forces that are crushing in nature.

The next style is what’s called a clamshell or a top opening eyeglass case. It’s name is derived from the fact that the lid opens and shuts, pivoting on a hinge, mimicking the actions of a clam. These cases can be made in plastic, leather or metal and offer excellent protection.

The third style that you can find are handbags. This is the style that can best be described as looking like a mini-purse or pocketbook because of the small handles they have. In my opinion, these are the most stylistic and fashionable of all the cases and can really add to the “finished look” you are trying to achieve when getting ready for a night on the town.

The last type that you will find is a style called the flip top. A flip top can best be described as having a tube-like shape with a top that opens and closes on one end. They are made of either plastic or metal, come in a variety of colors and like the clamshells, offer great protection.

Eyeglass cases don’t have to be boring anymore. Now you can choose different types of cases to match your own personal fashion taste and add that “finishing touch” you need for that night on the town or that important gala event.