Take Care Of Your Eyes Using Eyeglasses

Many of us are fond of driving bikes. While driving the bike we must wear eyeglasses for the safety of our eyes. There are many different small particles of stones, dust, and chemical pollutants that emerge from factories, always present in the environment.

When people drive the bike, the speed of bike is normally averaging between 60-80 km/hr and even more. Imagine what will happen if a small dust particle hit our eyes at speed of 60-80 km/hr. It may damage our eyes. Sometimes it may make us blind. So I request all people to wear eyeglasses with strong lens material while driving your motorbike.

One other use of Eyeglasses is in sunshine. Many people find direct sunlight to bright to be comfortable. This specially occurs while people take sunbath in beach or try to read new paper in sunshine. There are many such outdoor activities in which people find sunlight is more than usual. It has been recommended to always wear the sunglasses in strong sunshine to protect eyes from ultraviolet ray, which can lead the development for cataract in eyes. Sunglasses have colored lenses, which prevents strong light from reaching our eyes.

One other use of eyeglasses for safety comes while working in front of the computers. If we work long hours of day in front of the computer, then at the end of the day we feel tiredness and sometimes pain in our eyes. Wearing anti-glare eyeglasses reduce the tiredness and pain even if we work in front of computers for long hours.

Anti glare eyeglasses or less glare eyeglasses are also useful while driving in night.