Eyeglasses and Your Child – How Not to Be a Geek

Up until about fifteen to twenty years ago, young children needing glasses would refuse to wear them because it looked like the glasses were swallowing up their face. All that was really available for small faces were these plastic frames with big thick rims. Those kids that could get by with not wearing their glasses all of the time would take them off once they got to school so other children wouldn’t make fun of them. This is despite the fact that having trouble seeing the chalkboard was the main reason for the glasses in the first place. Then there were those kids who had to wear them all of the time because they couldn’t see without them. Those were usually the children having to endure names such as “four eyes” from various other kids throughout the day.

Now when we look at a classroom full of children, we find that many of them are wearing eyeglasses. We may even find that those kids that were making fun of other children for wearing huge glasses are now adults who have to have them themselves. Such conditions as nearsightedness and farsightedness do not spare many individuals. Fortunately, sight screenings at school help spot these conditions before they can really have a toll on a child’s schoolwork. What results is that child having to have glasses, but, fortunately, getting glasses nowadays is not as painful as it used to be.


Eyeglasses can be considered cool if they fit properly. Many eyeglass distributors offer children’s eyeglasses so that your child has a perfectly proportioned pair of eyeglasses on his or her face. It isn’t like twenty years ago when the options were limited because not as many children were being diagnosed with eye conditions. Now large designer companies are making eyeglasses for kids that look fantastic on them. You just have to be mindful of what looks best on your child or they could be made fun of for their glasses not looking right on them.

Things to take into consideration:

o The size of your child’s face
o The shape of your child’s face
o The shape of the glasses being tried
o The size of the glasses being tried

Your child’s face shape and size is going to be a huge determining factor in what size and shape of glasses they wear. There are frames that are square, round, and oval. You can try all of these to see which looks best. Frames are also made out of both wire metal and plastic, so you can also see which looks best. Some are even rimless, which can give the illusion that your child is not wearing glasses.

If your child has very bad eyesight, then you can see about having thinner lenses placed within the frame. Technology is now available that allows you to have the lenses thinned without hampering the prescription. This eliminates the illusion that your child is looking through the bottom of a glass soda bottle.

Glasses are cool

If you take into consideration shape, size, and lens thinning options, then your child is going to look really great in his or her new glasses. It isn’t so much of a curse as it used to be, but it can be if the glasses are not the right fit. By having the right fit, other kids are either going to tell your child that they like their glasses or they’re not really going to care that the glasses are even there. Most importantly, a good fit is also going to ensure that your child is going to be able to see everything that needs to be seen.

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