Has Your Vision Improved Or Deteriorated Since You Started Wearing Eyeglasses?

Most people would admit that their vision has steadily deteriorated since they started wearing eyeglasses. In fact, they became helpless and dependent on their eyeglasses almost immediately after beginning to wear eyeglasses. How did this happen?

Most people go to the optometrist with a minor vision problem and are quickly prescribed eyeglasses. When they put on their new eyeglasses for the first time their vision feels unnatural, constricted, and disorienting. Their eyes actually resist eyeglasses in the beginning.

The optometrist would say, #1 “Don’t worry, you will get used to them” and #2 “By the way, wear these eyeglasses for the rest of your life.” If another health practitioner told you to do something “for the rest of your life” you would seriously question their advice.

Yet, people just follow the optometrist’s orders and begin to wear their new eyeglasses all the time. They quickly get used to them and do not think much about it. However, people soon notice that without their eyeglasses their previously clear vision is now blurry and degraded. They are now helpless and dependent on their eyeglasses.

What’s more, every year they go to the optometrist, their eyes have deteriorated and their eyeglass prescription has to be strengthened. What kind of treatment is this? People are supposed to be getting better not worse.

The real problem is that eyeglass prescriptions are far too strong and that eyeglasses suppress natural eye movements, similar to putting your arm in a cast and a sling. Your eyes/vision atrophies.

The only solution to stop your eyes/vision deteriorating is to take off and discard your eyeglasses gradually with a program of eye exercises, and vision improvement counseling. As you gradually discard your eyeglasses, your eyes will begin to move freely and your eyes/vision will begin to heal.