Working With Children to Help Them Adjust to Their Eyeglasses

It is a common misconception that children are not particular about their looks. They are as vain as adults if not more. Hence, be ready to tolerate impudence and stubbornness when you inform your child that he or she needs eyeglasses.

You cannot afford to lose your temper. Convince your child of the necessity of the eyeglasses. Reassure your child that this would not affect their appearance. The combination of better vision and better looks should convince your child.

Another option is to take your child to an eyeglass store and let him or her choose his pair from amongst the large number of eyeglasses specially designed for children.

Eyeglasses for Children

The choices of kids as far as eyeglasses are concerned will boil down to;

o Glasses which make them look like their parents
o Glasses which make them look like their siblings
o Glasses which make them look like their friends
o Glasses which do not make them look geeky, nerdy or dorky and like

The popular designs for adult eyeglasses are available for kids as well. Round or oval frames are available in plastic for young children.

Do not be surprised if your kid demands stylish glasses. They may opt for eyeglasses similar to the ones worn by Harry Potter, Barbie or other kid characters.

The unique eyeglasses are as sturdy and firm as ordinary eyeglasses. However, they are more suited to the kids’ style and culture. They have been made more fun and more colorful. This has been done to enhance the appeal of the glasses.

Eyeglasses for children offer many varieties in terms of style. Some have paw prints on the frames while others have plankton marks which glow in the dark.

Harry Potter glasses, Blue’s Clues Style and SpongeBob SquarePants are some popular style choices. These glasses are not very expensive. Their cost is a mite higher than ordinary eyeglasses. That is the premium you pay for style.

Let Children Make The Choice

When going shopping for kids’ eyeglasses, do not expect your kid to be satisfied with whatever you choose. Rather, just make sure that the glasses satisfy certain basic conditions like

o Sturdiness
o Durability
o Comfort
o Fit

Once these conditions are fulfilled, take the backseat and let your kid choose any pair that he or she wants.

Do not try to impose your choice on the kid. If the kid gets to choose his or her pair of glasses, he or she will not be reluctant to wear them. Involve them in the decision making process and win their cooperation.

It is not very difficult to find sturdy and good quality glasses for kids. Most of the frames available today are good quality frames. They are durable, safe and are designed to attract the attention of the kids.

The best part is that the vision of your child will be rectified without any fuss or problems. With a proper diet, regular eye exercises and regular use of eyeglasses, your child’s vision can be restored to normalcy.