More Than One Pair of EyeGlasses

If you are an eyeglasses wearer I’m sure you have wondered if you should have more than one pair of eyeglasses. In a world that has and continues to be ever changing the need for more than one pair of eyeglasses has become inevitable for many reasons.

The first reason a second pair of eyeglasses is or may be need is for the purpose of sun protection. As our eyes are exposed to the rays of the sun we can experience extreme glare. This can impair our ability to see well especially while driving. The ultra violet rays of the sun can cause damage and the onset of early cataracts. From children to adults sun protection should be a utilized, especially if you are a prescription eyeglass wearer.

The second reason you should own a second pair of eyeglasses is in case of loss or breakage. Depending on the amount of prescription you are wearing the most common cause for panic is the loss or breakage of a person’s only pair of prescription eyeglasses. Some people become virtually blind without their eyeglass correction. Contact lens wearers should always have a pair of current eyeglasses available. Should they have an infection or condition that does not allow them to wear their contact lenses for several days or weeks, they need a pair they like. The mistake a contact lenses wearer makes I either not having a spare pair of eyeglasses or having a pair they do not want to wear in public.

The third reason that a secondary pair of eye glasses may be needed is for computer use. Although a progressive pair of eyeglass lenses provides the intermediate, the area may not be wide enough for long term computer use. Some people may prefer to have a pair of bifocals made with just the intermediate and the near prescription. Some people may want a single vision pair of eyeglasses made for just the intermediate or computer distance. Either way, computer use becomes easier.

The fourth reason an additional pair of eyeglasses may be needed is in the case of a person who only needs reading glasses. Most of the time the reading glasses are never in the place you need them. So more than one pair of reading glasses may be necessary for various parts of the house, office, and/or vehicle to make sure at least one pair is available when needed.

You are treading dangerous waters if you have a fairly powerful prescription and only one pair of eyeglasses. If you are driving or operation equipment, another life may in danger, including your own. Some will say that eyeglasses are too expensive but how much value do you place on the gift of seeing or the life you are not seeing. Sight is well worth the investment.