Look Good in Eyeglasses

The myth that eyeglasses are passé when it comes to looking good has been busted in recent years. There are many people who look absolutely fantastic wearing glasses. It could be an unconscious decision, but what they have done is get a pair of eyeglasses that match their face type and personality. You have to do a little thinking to assess which eyeglasses go with which face shapes, and which pair is perfect for you.

The thumb rule in choosing eyeglasses is this: the shape of your face and the shape of your eyeglasses should be contrasting. Next, the frame of the eyeglasses should fit your face exactly. Ultimately, the eyeglasses should, this way or that, enhance one of your best features.

Eyeglasses: Why?

Narcissism is a curious trait in us humans, and it makes people do funny things. One is to get a pair of eyeglasses when you don’t even need one. People just invest in a pair of designer eyewear and flaunt it, with or without lenses, sometimes with lenses that have no effect on the eye. They do this in the hope that viewers won’t be able to discern the minute differences between a fake pair and the real designer thing. But sometimes, you may be shocked to find that what you shelled out a small fortune for was not by a designer brand in the first place.

The whole point when people who don’t need glasses wear them is to cerate a bold fashion statement. Vanity does play some small role in the decision to get a pair of lens less eyeglasses when there is no need to wear one. The commonest feeling you get wearing eyeglasses you don’t need is to enhance your intellectual or artsy side or to appear older and more mature than you really are.

Buying Eyeglasses

More often than not, the purchase of a pair of eyeglasses you don’t need turns out to be an uneducated and uninformed buy. Today, even big names from Hollywood and the world of fashion are seen donning stylish eyeglasses. Brands of glasses like Gucci, Versace and Ray-Ban will leave you poorer by hundreds of dollars if not thousands. But the difference between you and a celeb is one of purchasing power. If you have to emulate you style icons, get a pair from the department store that looks like a branded pair, but is much cheaper. But sometimes, knockoffs are ill constructed, resulting in damage or breakage with the slightest pressure.

People who really need glasses for bad eyesight have been affected by those who don’t and yet don them. It may result in self-censorship and low self esteem because they are forced to look a certain way. This is particularly common in young people. When a person who doesn’t need help for eyesight dons glasses anyway, just to satisfy vanity, people who are dependant on glasses naturally feel some awkwardness and resentment.