How to Choose Eyeglasses

When choosing a pair of eyeglasses, you want your glasses to complement your features in the best way possible. You need to consider your face type and activity levels when choosing frames and lenses.


1 Choose the frame material. There are three common types. Rimless frames are designed to be nearly invisible and have little to no impact on how you look. Metal frames are sturdy and can impart an elegant and sophisticated look. Plastic frames are the most popular and are available in many different styles, shapes and colors for those who see their glasses as a fashion accessory. Plastic frames are also better for thicker lenses.

2 Choose a frame shape. Round frames tend to look better on people with square facial features. Square and rectangular frames are more suited to those with round and full faces. If you are unsure of your face type, consult the face and framing charts found at your local eyeglasses retailer.

3 Consider metal frames if you lead an active life. Titanium is particularly recommended, and it is highly resistant to bending and breaking.

4 Make sure your glasses fit. Generally, they should be snug but not so tight that you feel pressure on the front or sides of your head. They should be snug behind your ears, and the frames should sit level across your face. Your eyes should be centered within the lenses. Although it is okay if your eyes are slightly higher than center in the vertical plane. The edges of the lens frame should be in line with the edges of your face.

5 Take your time. Try on many different pairs and styles. In most cases, you will be wearing your eyeglasses every day, all day long. If something doesn’t feel or look right, chances are it will only becomes worse over time, not better.

Tips & Warnings
If you change your look frequently, you might invest in several pairs of eyeglasses with varying colors and frame sizes. Eyeglasses can also double as sunglasses. Certain lenses are designed to darken in bright sunlight.

Eyeglasses are very expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars; take care of them. Avoid cheap frames and lenses as most of these do not last very long and will quickly require servicing or replacement..