How to Tighten Your Eyeglasses

Ever so annoying are the days when your eyeglasses tend to slide down your nose, or even worse, fall off of your face completely. If only they made self tightening frames, but there is simply no such thing. Therefore, one could spare the time to learn a couple of ways to tighten your eyeglasses fairly simply.


1 First, in order to tighten a loose pair of frames that continue to slide down your nose, one needs to focus on the nose pieces. Using your thumb and index finger, simply push the nose pieces inward to fit your nose more snug. You will know if you tightened the fit too much if it begins to hurt during the day or bruising occurs.

2 Next, if you believe that your eyeglasses are fitting a bit too loose altogether, you can try adjusting the temple end pieces to fit a bit tighter around your ears. The end pieces are at the very back of the pair of frames, and many times, they are easy to move. Simply increase the amount of curvature around your ears. This should give them a tighter fit around the ears so that they don’t feel so loose on your head.

3 Finally, and probably the most difficult, is to adjust the temples themselves. The temples are the long side arms of the frame. Many times, pushing the temples inward at the hinge, the point that connects the temple to the eyewire, requires only fingers, however, proper adjustment at this point for amateurs requires optical tools. Thus, see an Optician.

Tips & Warnings
Only you are responsible for any breakage that occurs to your eyewear when adjusting them yourself. Therefore, at anytime, it is safest to see an Optician for any and all adjustments. This is recommended..