How to Remove Paint From Eyeglasses

Whether you are an artist compiling your latest collection of oil paintings or a homeowner painting the ceiling of your family room, the time will come when you have paint speckles on your eyeglass lenses. How do you remove them? Read the following suggestions and you will soon be on your way to seeing clearly again.


Things You’ll Need:
Mild dish-washing detergent
Dry soft cloth
Paint thinner or rubbing alcohol

1 Try scraping it off. Do not use a razor or a knife, as these may damage the lenses. The best method is to scrape the paint off using the tip of your fingernail. Make sure your fingernail is blunt and well trimmed. Scrape at the paint using your fingernail, going in one direction, quickly and firmly.

2 Water-based paint can be removed using a mild dish-washing detergent and water. Squirt a few drops of the detergent into a bowl and mix with warm water. Soak your eyeglasses in it for 15 to 20 minutes. This will soften the paint and allow you to gently loosen it by rubbing the lenses with your fingertips while the glasses are still submerged in the water. Remove as much of the paint as possible with your fingertips, then rinse to remove the rest. Dry with a soft cloth.

3 Removing oil-based paint is trickier. Ideally, you can avoid using harsh chemicals, such as paint thinner or rubbing alcohol, since they may damage the coating on the lenses. However, if you are not able to scrape the paint off with your fingernail, you may have to try one of these options. Test an area by dipping a Q-tip into paint thinner or rubbing alcohol and dabbing a very small amount onto one of the speckles. Rub the area gently with a soft cloth to see if it will remove the paint without damaging the lens. If there is no damage, remove the rest of the speckles. Otherwise, you may have to take the eyeglasses to an optometrist for paint removal.