How to Repair Broken Eyeglasses

Just because your eyeglasses broke doesn’t mean you need to rush out and pay a fortune for new ones. A few simple techniques can help you fix scratches and reattach those broken pieces. Dollar stores and drugstores sometimes sell repair kits for eyeglasses with special tools to manage all the small screws and wire frames. Even without a kit, most repairs are possible with easy-to-find household items.


Things You’ll Need:
Small screwdriver
Cotton cloth
Gentle toothpaste or baking soda

1 Use gentle toothpaste and a cotton cloth to get rid of scratches on lenses. Rub gently in a circular motion for 10 seconds, then rinse in cold water and dry. Alternatively, rub lenses with a paste of baking soda and water. If you buy a scratch remover from the store, keep in mind that these products fill in scratches but do not eliminate them, according to optometrist Gary Heiting at All About Vision.

2 Tighten the screws holding the frames in position. You may need to buy a small screwdriver to fit the small screws. If your frames have fallen apart and screws are lost, visit an optical supply store or your local drug store for replacement screws. Optical repair kits usually have replacement screws. If you don’t want to make a trip to the store, the Guardian recommends using a screw from an old pair of glasses.

3 Glue your frames together if broken apart at the nose. Glasses Crafter recommends using a hot-glue gun. Don’t get any glue on the lenses. If you have plastic frames, run boiling water over the frames to soften the plastic. Push the two sides of the broken frames into a pin to join them together, and level out the plastic before it cools.

4 Repair broken frames at the temples by using hot glue or—for plastic frames—boiling water and pins. Alternatively, replace the temple piece with a piece from another set of glasses. Unscrew the hinges and screw the new temple piece into position.

5 Use a nail file to buff out scratches on frames. For metal frames, polish with jewelry polish. For plastic frames, use plastic polish.

6 To fix loose frames, soak them in hot water for one to two minutes to soften them. Gently reposition the arms by moving your fingers up and down the frames and using small motions. The Guardian warns not to force them, or they might snap.

Tips & Warnings
For major scratches on lenses, visit your optometrist for a professional repair. Otherwise, you may scrub away the protective coatings or damage them..