How to Replace Eyeglass Temples

Eyeglass temples are the side pieces on your eyeglass frames. The temple tips are what sit behind your ears. Regardless of whether or not your glasses are prescription, you’ll want to replace a temple that comes loose or breaks off as soon as possible. An optometrist can fix the glasses for you, or you can replace the eyeglass temple yourself. If you take the do-it-yourself route, all you need is a small screwdriver and a tiny eyeglass temple screw, both of which you can purchase online or from an optometrist.


Things You’ll Need:
Small screwdriver (flathead or Phillips)
Screw (flathead or Phillips head)

1 Examine the screw that was holding the temple to the eyeglasses. If the screw has a minus (-) sign on the head, use a small flathead screwdriver. If it has a plus sign (+), use a Phillips head screwdriver.

2 Hold the temple against the frame of the eyeglasses, and match up the hole in the temple to the hole in the frame.

3 Place the screw into the hole, and screw it in through the temple and into the frame with the screwdriver.

4 Repeat for the temple on the other side.

Tips & Warnings
Don’t over-tighten the screw when you replace it, or you may break the temple.
Most optometrists will replace the temple free of charge if the temple isn’t broken, if you have the screw and if you purchased the glasses from him..