How to Recycle Eyeglass Frames

Vision is important to all of us, but not everyone has the funds to be able to purchase quality eyeglasses or even glasses at all. Many of us who do wear glasses toss our old pair after we get a new one, or stuff it away in a cabinet somewhere to lie around for years. Instead, we should donate and recycle our old glasses so that people in need can benefit from them.


Things You’ll Need:
Packing Tape
Bubble Wrap
Eyeglasses and accessories

1 Collect your old eyeglasses and sunglasses. Your sunglasses do not have to have prescription lenses to donate them.

2 Check online with the Lions Club. In the U.S., there are 11 separate locations to drop off old eyeglasses. If you do not live near one of them, you can click on the closest donating center to receive an address of where to ship your old eyeglasses. Package your eyeglasses and corresponding accessories in a box, making sure to protect them with bubble wrap, and ship them.

3 Send your glasses to The Charity Guide. They are working with the Lions Club, LensCrafters and Goodwill Industries. If you cannot find a nearby LensCrafters shop, Goodwill store or Lion’s Club location, see the references and resources for more information about where to send your glasses.

4 Drop off your old glasses with any optometrist or optician at any branch of Vision Express. They will send your glasses to Vision Aid Overseas.

5 Drop off your glasses at the nearest Kodak Lens Vision Center along with $1.