How to Make Emergency Eyeglasses

If you wear eye glasses, then you probably can’t do without them. But you could be in trouble if your glasses break while you’re out on a camping trip or a picnic. The good news is that you don’t need to grope around without your eyeglasses. In an emergency it’s easy to replace your glasses with a few handy materials.


Things You’ll Need:
Eye glasses frame
Aluminum foil
Pin or needle

1 Get rid of any broken glass from your eye glass frame before you attempt to make your emergency glasses. This will leave a plain eye glasses frame.

2 Remove the aluminum foil from your sandwiches and smooth it out. Tear or cut two pieces that will fit around the frame for your old eye glasses. Make sure they are large enough to cover the space for the lenses and the frame itself.

3 Wrap the aluminum foil around the glasses frame to form the lenses of your emergency glasses. Fold the edges over so that the foil is secured to the frame of the eye glasses.

4 Try the emergency eye glasses on and determine which part of the foil lines up with your pupils. Poke a hole in each ‘lens’ at that point with a pin. Put your emergency eye glasses back on.

Tips & WarningsIf your glasses frame is broken, fix the frame together before you start to make your emergency glasses.

If the original frame for your eye glasses cannot be used, you can use a piece of cardboard to make emergency eye glasses. Cut out the shape of the glasses and follow the other steps. Use some elastic or a rubber band to attach the emergency glasses to your ears.

Do not attempt to poke a hole in the foil while wearing the emergency eye glasses. You could damage your eyes.

Pinhole glasses have been claimed to improve vision by making it easier to focus, but there is just as much evidence to show that the improvement may not last and that vision may deteriorate again..