How to Care For Eyeglass Lenses with Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-reflective coating, or AR, has become an increasingly popular addition to prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. These coatings provide a wide range of benefits, both cosmetic and optical. AR coating allows for more light to pass through the lens resulting in a lens that looks better due to less reflection. It actually increases visual acuity. These benefits are not without a slight trade-off. AR coated lenses tend to appear dirty quickly and scratch easier than uncoated lenses. Although the anti-reflective coatings of today are significantly tougher and easier to clean, the coatings still require attention in order to keep them in tip-top shape. Modern AR-coated lenses often have a hydrophobic layer to repel water and a scratch resistant coating to increase durability. Keep in mind that there are numerous brands of AR coating that differ greatly in quality. Always consult your eyeglass provider or the lens manufacturer for proper cleaning instructions.


Things You’ll Need:
Eyeglasses with anti-reflective coating
Soft, lint-free cloth
Mild liquid detergent
Water or specialty cleaning solution

1 Brush or rinse all dirt, dust or particles from lenses. Rinsing the lenses under a stream of tepid water is preferred as this assures removal of all debris from the lens. Failure to perform this first step will eventually result in lens scratches that cannot be removed.

2 Apply a small amount of water-diluted hand soap or dish soap to lenses.

3 Gently rub soapy water on lenses to clean the entire surface.

4 Rinse the lenses thoroughly under a stream of water. Continue rinsing the lenses until the water runs clear. Tap or gently shake excess water from the lenses.

5 Wipe the lenses dry with the lens cleaning cloth provided by your optician or a soft lint-free cloth such as a flour-sack towel.

Tips & Warnings
Cleaning solutions labeled “AR Safe” may be used in place of soap and water for cleaning.

Pre-moistened lens cleaning clothes are the safest way to care for your AR coated lenses when water is not available.

Use a soft lens cleaning cloth for wiping smudges and fingerprints off between cleanings. Never wipe the entire surface of the lens while the lens is dry..Never clean your AR coated lenses with ammonia or products containing ammonia or chlorine.

Never clean your AR coated lenses while they are dry. This will result in fine scratches that damage the integrity of the coating..Never use paper products such as paper towels or tissue to clean your AR coated lenses. The wood fibers will scratch the coating.

Do not use fabric softener when washing the towel or cloth used to clean your lenses. as this may result in a residue or film on your lenses..