How to Clean Your Eyeglasses with a Coffee Filter

Cleaning your glasses with wipes can be expensive. Using a paper towel or washcloth can leave lint behind. There is an easy inexpensive way to clean your eyeglasses without any lint. It can be done with some dishwashing soap, water, and a coffee filter.


Things You’ll Need:
Coffee filter
Dishwashing soap

1 Put a very small drop of diswashing soap on each lens. Turn on the water and use a little water to rub the soap all over the lenses with your fingers. Turn off the water while rubbing the lenses to conserve water. Be sure to get both sides and the edges of the lenses.

2 After the lenses are washed well, rinse the glasses thoroughly in the sink. Make sure there is no dishwashing soap left on the lenses.

3 Dry the lenses well with a coffee filter. You will be pleasantly surprised at how clear and lint free your lenses are!

4 I use the same coffee filter for a few days. Just put it somewhere to dry out in between uses. For less than five dollars a year, you can keep your glasses clean and lint free.