How to Clean Eyeglasses With a Scratch-Coat Lens

Cleaning eyeglasses with scratch-coat lenses is a bit different than cleaning regular glasses, because the lenses are coated with a special formula that hardens the surface. To keep this scratch-resistant coating consistent and operational, clean the glasses with the right kinds of products, and clean them the right way.


Things You’ll Need:
Scratch-coat lens cleaner
Microfiber cloth
Glasses case

Protecting Your Lenses
1 When not using your scratch-coat lens eyeglasses, keep them in a clean case to protect them from dust, falls and unnecessary handling. The case shouldn’t have enough room for the glasses to bounce around much, but it shouldn’t be so tight that it misshapes them.

2 Choose a scratch-coat lens cleaner approved by your optician. There are many brand options that work, and many that don’t.

3 Find a microfiber cloth approved by your optician. When not using the cloth, keep it clean by returning it to its proper holding place.

4 To clean, remove the glasses from the case or your head, and hold them by any part except the lens or lens frame.

5 Spray four times–once on each side of each lens–making sure to cover the whole area of the lens. Start with the spray nozzle 5-6 inches away from the lens so that some of the spray goes outside the lens area.

6 In a circular motion, rub the microfiber cloth over the whole area of both sides of the lenses until they are clean and there is no residue from the cleaner. You can repeat this step as many times as you want.

7 Don’t postpone cleaning until the eyeglass lenses are completely covered in grime and dirt. Cleaning them in this state could scratch the lenses.

.Tips & Warnings
Don’t clean your glasses with a paper towel.