How to Repair a Bent Plastic Eyeglass Frame

Plastic eyeglass frames are much lighter and more comfortable to wear than their metal counterparts. The plastic is also less malleable than metal, so when a plastic eyeglass frame gets bent, it is much harder to safely repair than when the eyeglasses have a metal frame. The process for repairing a bent plastic eyeglass frame can be done at home without any special equipment, but must be done very carefully to avoid breaking the plastic.


1 Fill a teakettle with tap water and heat it on the stove. Take the teakettle off the stove when the water boils.

2 Pour the boiling water from the teakettle into the glass bowel.
Put on the work gloves.

3 Pick up the eyeglasses and hold the bent plastic frame directly over the boiling water in the bowl so that the steam is hitting the bent frame.

4 Gently bend the plastic frame back into its original position as the plastic begins to soften. Remove the eyeglasses from over the bowl. Examine whether the bent frame has now been restored to its original shape.

5 Place the eyeglasses back over the bowl and repeat the process if necessary. Put the eyeglasses down on the table to cool off. Pour out the water from the bowl and put the bowl and teakettle away.

Tips & Warnings
Those who wear glasses should put a pair of safety goggles over them so that the steam doesn’t fog up the glasses.

Applying too much pressure to a bent plastic eyeglass frame can cause it to crack..