How to select the perfect eyeglasses

Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.
Every freaking boy I know has a total crush on Tina Fey. And most girls I know have a raging woman-crush on her, too.
But unless you pick the perfect frame, you won’t be in this category of hotness, so pay attention.


1 Unless you want to look like a grandmother, don’t go for the invisiframe thing. It works for Jennifer Melfi, but it won’t for you. Trust me.

2 If you’re fair, pick a rich but not extremely dark frame.

3 If you’re olive or medium, go for browns or blacks.

4 A tortoise-shell frame works on almost anyone!

5 In terms of shape, be sure that the sides of the frame is neither short of nor beyond the sides of your face. It should roughly mirror the vertical line of your cheek.

6 IF you’re not a big makeup lover, but want a punchy, fun look, do it through your glasses! A funky frame can give you a “look” with zero effort every morning.

Tips & Warnings
Although something like a cat-eye shape IS fabulous, it will really dominate every outfit, so be sure that’s the look you want.
If you’re a hefty earner, go for two pairs–glasses really are part of a wardrobe and you would never have just ONE pair of jeans now would you?.